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Myth Runner Myth Runner

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Run Harry, Run..

A great running game with transformation twists! The only drawbacks is Harry doesn't want to run just like the other. Good twist idea. I wish someone will made this kind of game using Gump character. That would be nice huh? What do you say?

Nice background music selection. Although after some failed short run, I decide to mute the sound as it is kinda annoying. The music pace give a higher adrenaline to the game.

Hard control for a beginner. I had to do tens of failed run just to get used to the control. Or maybe it's just me that suck at these kind of games.

However, I can't imagine if it is built in 2 days. Don't you people want to hang out sometimes? Great job! 5/5 10/10

Majapahit War 3-kendedes Majapahit War 3-kendedes

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


This is a good game concept, perhaps you could make it better by adding more units and notes for what we need to do in game. In facts i like the drawings and upgrades, more in game notes needed so we really know how to do this and that. I'll looking forward for your new release.